Compagnie DeFracto

Site-specific and comic juggling solo that takes place near and among the audience.

Croûte is the result of over a decade of artistic exploration of the combination of expressive juggling and physical humor. In Croûte, the French juggler Guillaume Martinet creates a site-specific performance; with body language and balls something abstract is conveyed in interaction with the audience.

Twelve years ago, Guillaume Martinet founded Compagnie DeFracto with the ambition to create expressive, demanding and fun juggling. For over ten years he has toured the world in the company´s hit shows, and is consideder a pioneer in experimental juggling combined with physical comedy. The company has presented juggling humor in more than 700 performances on five continents. With Croûte, Martinet returns to a minimalist concept to get closer to the audience and communicate his passion: throwing and catching things, joking and exposing contrasts.

The performance takes places as part of the CirkusMania festival opening, and in conjunction with Extrêmités with Cirque Inextremiste in Subtopia Hangaren.

ON STAGE: Guillaume Martinet CONCEPT: Dina Roberts, Guillaume Martinet, Mathilde Roy PHOTO: Pierre Morel

Spelades 2023

30 min
No speech
Recommended age
All ages

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