Ancrage is a circus-dance-acrobatic-balance-inspired performance about identity and returning to one’s roots, inspired by Senegalese culture.

In Senegal, SenCirk is the only existing circus organisation; they are behind the country’s first circus company and circus school, and own the country’s first circus tent. Formed in 2006, the company brings together a dozen professional circus artists and teachers from various backgrounds (breakdance, acrobatics, gymnastics, traditional dance and much more), fusing the artists’ specialties with traditional Senegalese culture and influences from contemporary circus from other countries.

In Ancrage we meet two acrobats. A man wakes up and encounters an alien being. They measure, observe and confront each other. Then mutually tame each other. When they find their anchorage, a world arises where nature and man merge, take root in each other, and harmony can be created.

ON STAGE: Ibrahima Camara, Modou Fata Touré PHOTO: SenCirk

Spelades 2023

60 min
No speech
Recommended age
All ages from 7 years

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