Guided tour of Cirkus Cirkör

Join the tour and experience the operations of the Nordics’ largest circus company up close.

At Cirkör, artistic production, training, courses, and high school lessons come together – no two days are alike. Get an insight into the work, a piece of history about Cirkör, and hopefully an inspiring moment. All depending on what is happening in the building on the day of your visit.

Cirkus Cirkör was started in 1995. It is a politically independent non-profit association with the vision of moving inner and outer boundaries in art and society through circus art. Tilde Björfors has been its artistic director since its inception, with her sights set on world-class co-creative art, pedagogy, and technical innovation. Cirkus Cirkör’s work includes productions and concepts touring the world with associated lectures, workshops and events where circus art is implemented in everyday life in business, public and non-profit activities. Cirkus Cirkör offers courses and educational programs for everyone, young or old, with or without disability, and has a three-year high school program with national admission.

PHOTO: Jonathan Morell

Spelades 2023

45 min
Recommended age
All ages

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