Cirque Inextremiste

Extrêmités is about physical balance, as well as balance of power, and our mutual dependence of each other. French balance equilibrists take the stage with wonderfully snappy humour.

The three artists keep the audience on edge. With a number of gas tubes and a pile of planks, they build constructions that shouldn’t be possible to balance on. The slightest movement and the balance is upset. Nevertheless, they succeed (hopefully during this performance as well). Here the game is total concentration, meticulous cooperation, challenging the other with a twinkle in the eye. With the light push of a board, conditions change and the one who was in perfect balance is suddenly completely in the grip of the other.

Cirque Inextremiste is based in the French Vendée department and has been touring extensively around Europe since 2014. During CirkusMania they make a stop at Subtopia. So grab someone by the hand, come here and experience an exciting balancing act.

The performance is played as part of the festival’s opening at Subtopia Hangaren. The opening mingling starts 1.5 hours before the scheduled performance time, and also includes the Croûte performance.

ON STAGE: Yann Ecauvre, Rémi Lecocq, Rémi Bézacier PHOTO: Torsten Giesen

Spelades 2023

70 min
No speech
Recommended age
All ages from 7 years