Lilla musen Hiirulainen på cirkus

Teatteri Mukamas

A family show with elements of puppetry, shadows, music and dance about a little mouse who accidentally ends up in the circus.

In this popular family show, the little mouse Hiirulainen ends up in a circus, a place it didn’t know existed. And the director of the circus is just as surprised when Hiirulainen appears. How will their meeting end? And what happens when the magic wand no longer works like it used to?

Hiirulainen’s adventure at the circus is a fun show with many surprises for children and their adults performed by the Finnish Theater Mukamas (Teatteri Mukamas). Formed in 1979, the ensemble today has an artistic exchange with several different countries such as the Czech Republic, France, and Sweden, and has performed at festivals in Europe and Asia. During CirkusMania, they want to show Stockholmers what today’s circus puppet theatre for children can look like.

Presented at CirkusMania with the support of Region Stockholm

ON STAGE: Raisa Kekarainen, Hannu Rantala, Kalle Uurto SCRIPT AND DIRECTOR: Katarina Stycz MUSIC: Edward Stycz PHOTO: Patrick Stycz

Spelades 2023

40 min
Performed in Finnish with some Swedish
Recommended age
3-10 years

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