Emil Dahl

With total body control, juggler Emil Dahl creates a balancing act that shows the circle from completely new perspectives.

Emil Dahl has a sharp eye for detail, and knows the art of creating and showing modern juggling. He spent five years researching and practising ring juggling in its most concentrated form: balancing rings into new shapes.

With some of the world’s best jugglers, inspired by the four seasons, in the performance Holy, Dahl treats us to a balancing act where the circle is shown in completely new light. With stripped down scenography consisting of only the essentials: a square marked out on the floor, a pedestal, and nine rings.

Sometimes the simple serves to highlight the difficult.

Presented at CirkusMania with the support of Region Stockholm

ON STAGE: Emil Dahl MUSIC: Johan Rinman PHOTO: Teresa Santos

Spelades 2023

45 min
No speech
Recommended age
From 13 years (from 10 years in adult company)

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