Korobka – The gallery version

Henrik & Louise

At the heart of this intimate circus performance is the physical relationship drama between two acrobats. Music and acrobatics mix with questions about circus identity, creativity, and the art of the stage.

Korobka means box in Russian. In 2001, Henrik Agger and Louise Bjurholm von Euler were both being trained at the state circus school in Moscow. Since then, they have worked together. The performance is a physical relation drama, which has been described as “Bergman´s Scenes from a Marriage in Acrobatish” and “the Norén of circus”.

Korobka – The Gallery Version is an adaptation of the original performance, for being presented in alternative rooms without stage and seating.

ON STAGE: Henrik Agger, Louise Bjurholm von Euler PHOTO: Petra Älvstrand

Spelades 2023

45 min
Swedish speech and text in English occurs.
Recommended age
Age 18 and up

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