Nalle Clown är försiktig

Nalle Clown är försiktig

Nalle Clown

No matter how careful Nalle the Clown tries to be, everything seems to go wrong. But how bad is it really to fail?

Clowns are masters of failure, and in this new performance Nalle has been inspired by his three-year-old son and his valiant attempts at dealing with his parents shouting “Be careful!”

For 25 years, Nalle Clown, whose real name is Nalle Laanela, has been spreading laughter, circus and magic to children and their families all over the world. He founded Clowns Without Borders, and when Nalle is not out on tour he works as the director of Greenland’s National Theater, and as a clowning professor at Stockholm University of the Arts. Many children know him as Gordon in UR’s Pick a Color or from the new TV series Nalle – den social katastrofen.

Presented at CirkusMania with the support of Region Stockholm

ON STAGE: Nalle Laanela PHOTO: Martin Lundström

Spelades 2023

35 min
No speech
Recommended age
3-9 years

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