Cirkus Cirkör

Leave the stress of everyday life behind, and welcome to a world full of flowers, classical music and outstanding circus.

In Bloom, the artists fly through the air, jump off springboards, swing from trapezes and ropes, lift each other, perform partner acrobatics, and hang by their very teeth. With the help of creativity and circus arts, embodying the soul of the circus: You do not have to adapt to the norm. It´s more fun to be unique.

Cirkus Cirkör was founded in 1995 with the goal of establishing contemporary circus in Sweden, and put Sweden on the international map of circus. Many of the company’s productions have been hits on the Swedish stage as well as internationally. Today they also run educational programs, a secondary school in circus as well as events.

ON STAGE: Ben Collis, Elisabeth Künkele, Felix Greif, Philomène Perrenoud, Moa Karlsson DIRECTORS & CONECPT: Sade Kamppila, Julien Auger PHOTO: Klara G

Spelades 2023

60 min
No speech
Recommended age
Family show from 4 years

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