Another Sunset

Shaking The Sky

A visual performance with juggling and live music, performed in an art gallery. World premiere!

Twelve years ago, a journalist asked juggler Jay Gilligan a question: When you juggle, surely people come to look at you – not at what you’re juggling? In his thirty years as a performer, Jay had seen himself as nothing more than a juggler, now he began to think. How could the objects he was juggling be given more space? He realised he had only been using half the potential of his artistry. This insight led him to create pieces where the visual was as important as the skill. Colour and shape became part of the whole, often meeting with the audience in places other than stages.

The show name Another Sunset is about the moment when you stop and enjoy all the colors of the sunset. Jay Gilligan’s performance is an invitation to his very own sunset, set to live music and performed in an art gallery.

Jay Gilligan is a lecturer in juggling at Stockholm University of the Arts and has performed for audiences in 38 countries.

ON STAGE: Jay Gilligan PHOTO: Hans Vera

Spelades 2023

60 min
No speech
Recommended age
Age 18 and up

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