With contagious curiosity and impressive tricks, jugglers Jay Gilligan and Erik Åberg challenge the laws of physics in a balancing act for the entire family.

Cool powerful optical illusions, balancing acts, and impressive juggling! Here is a performance opening up a world of possibilities where everyday objects like glass, bowling balls, balls and wooden sticks seem to take on a life of their own.

On stage is Stockholm-based circus company Kapsel, whose specialty is artistic processes in object manipulation, music and science. Jay Gilligan and Erik Åberg also collaborate on a number of international projects, having toured Japan, Iceland and the USA, and started a company for the manufacture of innovative juggling objects, as well as working with several documentary films.

In Apparat, they inspire us to rethink the world around us, to ponder what lies hidden just below the surface of everyday life.

Presented at CirkusMania with the support of Region Stockholm

ON STAGE: Jay Gilligan, Erik Åberg DIRECTOR: Jay Gilligan MUSIC: Bo Rune Madsen PHOTO: Mirja Jauhiainen

Spelades 2023

45 min
No speech
Recommended age
5-12 years

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