Kompani Giraff

Moln is a musically imbued circus performance based on Swedish poet Karin Boye’s poems, with music composed by Jonathan Johansson and David Lindvall.

The story revolves around four individuals who are left to each other in a vacuum between childhood and adolescence. It´s dystopian but life-affirming, moving between the mundane and the grand, between sudden depths of existential darkness and light clouds.

Kompani Giraff are known for their visual elegance, soft magic and clever acrobatics. With dance acrobatics, hand-to-hand and object manipulation they embody the dreamy poetry of Karin Boye. The script is written by Stina Oscarsson. Together with the specially composed music it all melts together into lovely circus poetry.

Presented at CirkusMania with the support of Region Stockholm

ON STAGE: Axel Ahl, Noah Schiltknecht, Elaine Briant, Sara Runsten DIRECTOR: Viktoria Dalborg MUSIC: Jonathan Johansson, David Lindvall SCRIPT: Stina Oscarson PHOTO: José Figueroa

Spelades 2023

60 min
Recommended age
All ages from 9 years

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