Perhaps Perhaps… Quizás

Perhaps Perhaps… Quizás

Gaby Muñoz

The internationally acclaimed performance by and with the clown Gabriela Muñoz about the longing for love and the search for the right one.

In the magical world of Mexican clown Gabriela “Gaby” Muñoz, a heartrending yet comical story of fears, hopes, jealousy and longing takes shape. Alone with her in her living room we are privy to her rehearsals before meeting with “the one”. Will tonight be her night?

Perhaps Perhaps has won several international awards, and in 2020 Gabriela Muñoz received Mexico City’s highest award for her cultural work. She studied at the London International School of Performing Arts and the School of Physical Theater in London, and today tours all over the world.

ON STAGE: Gabriela Muñoz MUSIC: Ernesto Paredano VIDEO: Marion Sosa PHOTO: Gemma Tweedie

Spelades 2023

60 min
No speech
Recommended age
All ages from 8 years

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