Rollercoaster (Skolföreställning)

Wes Peden

Ready to unleash you inner fairground? Ultra-modern pop-punk joy and world class juggling is what is offered here.

This is probably the closest you will get to riding a carousel without actually doing it. Directly from Tokyo and New York to Stockholm comes juggler Wes Peden, with a rarely seen passion for gravity. He has performed in over 25 countries, won several prizes and is among the world´s elite in his specific artistry. 

Rollercoaster is not only a boost of energy, but also a manifestation of longing for freedom. The search goes through fast-paced turns in inflatable tubes, disco juggling, audio ampled rollercoasters, electro beats and lots of neon. Just fasten your seat belt and sit back. Let´s go.

Presented in collaboration with Dansistan/Cirkusistan.

ON STAGE: Wes Peden MUSIC: Mika Forsling DIRECTOR: Florence Huet, Viktor Gyllenberg PHOTO: Fahimeh Hekmatandish

For grades: 



50 minutes


No speech 


Kulturhuset Stadsteatern/Kilen


Wednesday 15th february at 13.00 

Thursday 16th of february kl 13.00

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