Multiverse (Skolföreställning)


Multiverse is a circus fable, a world of light, sounds and matters flowing, spiralling and shaping like gentle giants.

As the performance unravels, the performative circular site fills with images of planetary constellations, minerals, elemental-biological ecological beauty and devastation, life and extinction; a universe folding and unfolding in and out of itself. Multiverse is a circus poetic gesture of hope for new forms and movements of thoughts to rise up at the horizon.

Multiverse is named after Fransesca Ferrando´s thought experiment: “The Posthuman Multiverse” in the book Philosophical Posthumanism (2019). Multiverse is performed by Marie-Andrée Robitaille as part of the artistic doctoral project “Circus as Practises of Hope” at Stockholm University of the Arts, and a part of CirkusPerspektive´s project “Nomadic Circus Gallery”.

CONCEPT, DESIGN, ON STAGE: Marie-Andrée Robitaille

For grades: 

6-18 years


50 minutes


No speech




Thursday 9th of February 

at 10.20 and 13.00

Friday 10th of February 

at 10.20 and 13.00

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