Björn (Skolföreställning)

Joel & Mikkel

Björn is a quirky family show featuring wild acrobatics, magic, and incredible balancing acts performed by Joel Degerfeldt and Mikkel Hobitz.

Where is the line between fantasy and reality? Who is human and who is a bear?

In Björn, anything can happen (and by the way, not only can it happen… most of the time it does). In a second, clothes change color, things disappear… and people change into animals. 

The circus duo Joel Degerfeldt and Mikkel Hobitz have been good friends and colleagues for many years. Today they are established artists with partner acrobatics and Cyr wheel as specialties, participating in performances, going on tours, directing their own circus performances and teaching.

Presented in collaboration with Dansistan/Cirkusistan.

ON STAGE: Mikkel Hobitz, Joel Degerfeldt DRAMATURG: Kajsa Bohlin PHOTO: Einar Kling Odencrants

For grades: 

6-12 years


35 minutes


No speech 


Teater Slava/Tonsalen i Huddinge


Monday 13th of february at 9:30 and 11:00 

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