The Vessel

The Vessel

Come along for a fantasy journey with The Vessel! A circus performance about how – and with what content – we fill our lives.

The Vessel refers to Shaykh Abdullah Adhamis wisdom: “Every vessel, every container, will only pour out what is in it.” The performance examines building identity, using the analogy of container/content as a starting point for a fantasy journey. What happens to a familiar room—a gymnastics’ hall, a library, an assembly hall, a courtyard – if it bathes in blue light, sounds with harmonized notes, and is overtaken by three acrobats? The Vessel asks us to reflect on ourselves and our surroundings. What have we just witnessed and what do we fill our lives with every day?

The Vessel also refers to the English word for ship and brings together artists from Canada, Denmark, and Sweden. With a Chinese pole, Cyr wheel, slackline, juggling, and acrobatics, a collective expression takes shape. Movement and live music are fused together. Welcome aboard.

By and with Gustaf Rosell, Sarah Lett, Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg Outside eye Petter Wadsten Photo Tobias Fischer
Haninge Kulturhus

Poseidons torg 8, Haninge
Date and time
Sunday 18 February 16:00
Ticket price
60 sek
Scenpass 40 sek

45 min
No speech
Recommended age
All ages (from 6 years)