Shaking the Sky

One of the world’s most outstanding jugglers, Jay Gilligan, tackles the theme of gravity in a story about space travel, the history of juggling, and what makes something an art form.

Reflex builds an unlikely but beautiful relationship between mankind’s ambitions to explore space and the art of juggling. The performance is based on NASA’s Voyager crafts, Golden Record, and the astronomer Carl Sagan. These stories are juxtaposed with the history and development of juggling as an art form. Through different techniques of object manipulation, from the ancient to the avant-garde, Jay creates creative soundscapes and vivid imagery, evoking a sense of cosmic connection in all of us.

Juggler Jay Gilligan has toured the world for over 35 years and performed in 38 different countries. He was recently given the prestigious award for lifetime achievement by the International Juggler’s Association. For the last 15 years, he has been a juggling teacher at the Stockholm University of the Arts. Reflex is a collaboration with the New York-based Hideaway Circus.

By and with Jay Gilligan Photo Hans Vera
Tibble Teater

Attundavägen 1, Täby
Date and time
Saturday 17 February 16:00
Ticket price
50 sek

45 min
Recommended age
All ages (from 8 years)