Nesa i jorda


A charming performance about the secrets of the forest. To a violin’s dreamy and playful tones, the acrobats explore the heights, the earth, and what is underground.

Two aerial acrobats and a musician climb, dig, balance, and plant. They explore fairytales and ponder. Could we possibly be as strong as the ants? Did you know that the fungus help the trees talk to each other? Because, the fungus is a telephone line in the forest.

ENT is a collective of artists who, with music and circus, create performances that linger. Based on care, interest in nature, and an interdisciplinary approach, they strive to communicate with openness, honesty, and simplicity as guiding principles.

By and with Mari Dahl Stoknes, Karoline Aamås, Love Aamås Kjellsson Photo Troels Rosenkrantz Fuglsang
Teater Sláva/Tonsalen

Kyrkogårdsvägen 2, Huddinge
Date and time
Sunday 18 February 13:00
Ticket price
60 sek

30 min
No speech
Recommended age
Children (from 5 years)